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Monday, May 12, 2008

An Update from Helen in MA, owner of Sadie

Hi Gerry,
I cannot believe that our girl is almost 1 ! I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about her. Sadie is the most happy ,confident collie I have ever seen. She lives large and loves life. She is of the opinion that everyone will adore her and she is right.

She loves every other dog big or small. She adores birds and will stop in her tracks to watch them fly. She nibbles first and gives kisses later and talks nonstop. Also she is very athletic and jumps off the ground to catch the frisbee/ all legs in the air. She jogs beside me yet when Mark tries to jog with her she jumps on him to play :)

She did have a bout with Lyme disease back in January. Every dog around here gets it. It is frustrating because we do the tick prevention , she is brushed daily and checked constantly and professionally groomed on an every 3 month schedule...ticks serve no purpose and we are loaded with them here ugh!!!

Sadie loves the water cooler and will often go over to it and try to drink from it because she knows the water comes from there. She is 58lbs and tall ...the vet is very pleased with her and she loves to run run run and play with Oreo. She snuggles like a puppy and she will lie on her back for rubs which is her favorite...she also puts her arms around your neck when you pet her belly.

She is very different from our late Sandy yet also reminds us of Sandy in her love and sweetness...she is a more confident girl for sure and that makes me happy. She is a bit of a houligan and definitely has her own agenda at times , so we have to really work with her which is fine because it is one of our favorite things to do.

We are forever grateful that we were able to have her . She gets all excited when I look at her and say out of the blue , " Oh my Sadie are pretty!" She goes nuts for it. I will send some pics when time allows because I'd love to see her on the page as the pups turn 1 .

I am sooooo relieved that Renee's Sadie is ok..scary. Also ,I cried when I saw that one of the new pups is named really is a great collie name, sometimes I still can't believe my Sandy is gone. But then there's my girl Sadie showgirl (she is a big fan favorite at the dogpark:):)

Take care Gerry! Helen B:)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

An Important email from Renee

Dear Gerry, I wanted to share with you and everyone I know, just how important the Heimlich Maneuver is to know. I thought I had puppy proofed our home quite well, yesterday I had the scare of my life. My love Sadie, got into trouble that almost cost us and her the worse moment anyone can imagine. She was found on the floor under our floor vent, a suction cup, well needless to say she had it in her mouth, and it got caught in her throat. She almost choked to death. But Thank God ,I had watched emergency rescue for dogs and cats on Animal Planet, and saw the Heimlich Maneuver. I suddenly started doing it on her, out came the suction cup, with little time to spare. I nearly had a stroke, but she is fine. I also dumped a teaspoon of salt down her throat which made her vomit within seconds. Please share this with all you know. Needless to say I have gone through my house with a fine toothed comb looking for anything else that could become a problem. For the rest of the day she would not leave my side, we are sole mates her and I. I felt so guilty all day and spent most of the rest of the crying and thanking God for answering my prayers just in time. Fondly Renee