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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Tip about Tipping ears

Many new collie owners are interested in keeping their puppy's ears tipped. As a collie breeder, I've researched this and tried many methods. Honestly, most of them are hard to master. So, when one of my puppies came to visit and her owner had a new method. My ears were up. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Margaret, owner of Serina, a Susie/Winston puppy from the summer 2007, has found the easiest method I've ever tried. She bought floral clay on a roll, from a garden shop. Serina gets a dab of it pressed into the front tip of her ear and that's it.

This substance weighs the ear down. It stays in there too. I don't think it shows much at all, very stealth. It is nontoxic so I like it better than some of the show breeder methods that include chemical sprays and very sticky tapes. You don't have to make a shopping list, go to several locations to find everything and spend money on all of it. She brought me my first roll as a gift and I'm using her method. Thanks Margaret.