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Monday, November 16, 2009

Puppy Tips

Final Puppy Tips For A Trouble-Free Welcome Into Your Home

As a puppy owner, before you can properly come to grips with the amount of information regarding feeding, training, and socializing your dog, let us touch on your new pet's first night in his new home.

This experience will be a frightening one for the dog. Do not smother him with love and attention during his first hours. Rather, it is a good practice to have his area already set up before he comes into the home and place the dog in it and let him investigate as soon as you get him inside.

His bed, water bowl, and plenty of papers are the basic elements that will be necessary. Besides these necessities, a toy or two, and a lot of peace and quiet will be all he needs for a while. If you wish, sit down quietly nearby to help him as he orients himself.

No Feeding Please

Feeding should be left for a few hours until he has become somewhat used to his surroundings. Between his ride home and the stress of his new life opening before his eyes, chances are good he will develop a sour stomach from any food offered immediately. If after some time, he seems hungry, offer him a light meal.

Limit The Affection

Don't overload him with attention right away. There will be many years ahead when he will and appreciate your love and care. Right now, it will only serve to confuse him. Let the family meet the puppy easily, one at a time perhaps, and after a few gentle pats, leave him rest.

Avoid Injuries

Keep playtime short for the first few weeks, making sure the little dog is not allowed to tire himself. He will soon become a family member and will love to play and roughhouse in time. But for the time being, he is a baby and needs plenty of sleep just like his human friends, as well as a safe play area.

Do Not Be Overwhelmed

While all puppy care rules and recommendations may seem difficult at first, it is good to remember that your dog will be learning these things whether or not you know what is happening. It is wiser and easier finally, to have him learn correctly from the very start than to try to undo bad habits that have been taught by improper handling or lack of training.

Considering that your new puppy will we hope be spending at least the next decade in close contact with you, your family, your neighbors and friends, I hope that you will agree that following proper puppy care guidelines will be well worth the effort. Someday, someone observing your dog look at him with admiration and respect because of his radiant good health, his obvious good care, and his delightful manners.
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